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martedì 18 marzo 2014

By: Unknown

V-Jump 06/2014 Promo Card Entermate Silver Claw

V-Jump 06/2014 Promo Card Entermate Silver Claw

Release: 21st April 2014
Price: Yen

Promo card:

VJMP-JP089 Entermate Silver Claw 「EMシルバー・クロウ」
DARK/Beast - Pendulum - Effect/4/1800/700
①: Activate his efefct when this card declares an attack. "Entermate" Monster you control gain 300 ATK until the End of the Battle Phase.
Pendulum Effect:
Blue: 5 / Red 5:
①: "Entermate" Monster you control gain 300 ATK.
VJMP-JP089 Entermate Silver Claw
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