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giovedì 20 marzo 2014

By: Yugioh TcgZone

Ban List TCG 1st April 2014 Discussion and Review

Ban List TCG 1st April 2014 Discussion and Review

The new Banned List is finally out! What do you think about it? This is my personal feeling:

TCG Forbidden and Limited List (Ban List ) 1st April 2014 - Banned List 1 Aprile 2014

Morphing Jar #2 and Morphing Jar cards that can be used in kind of ftks (like Jackpot one or deck out) and similar so this is probably the reason behind their ban, althought they weren't played at all

Coach Soldier Wolfbark: this was predictable, Bear Deck needed to be stopped and now it has lost most of its potential

Mermail AbyssGunde: Fire counterpart - Mermail - had to be stopped in some ways too and in this way it lose a bit of its otk potential but is still highly playable

Rekindling: plus x - right limitation, but I'm sorry for Lavalvs

Infernity Barrier: they can still go +xxx on turn 0 or OTK you, but they can't set up anymore that 3 barrier field

Seal of Convocation: Hieratic Ruler is still strong but a bit limited too so this is good

Necroface, Magical Stone, Primal Seed: apparently there is no reason to keep those cards on the ban list but I hope there won't be any ftk using them
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