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domenica 26 gennaio 2014

By: Yugioh TcgZone

Jolly Roger Team - Yu-gi-oh! Italian Team

Jolly Roger Team - Yu-gi-oh! Italian Team

Jolly Roger Team is one of the most active Italian Yu-gi-oh! Team

"We do not recruit, we didn't pick the best players, we picked the best people, and we're turning into the best players." - Jolly Roger Team


- Emanuele Follenti TEAM LEADER
- Paolo Pacchiana
- Giovanni Paolini
- Giuseppe Cacciapuoti
- Davide Romano

Inactive Members:

- Nicolò Gaspari (since 2012)
-Niccolò Mazzoleni (since 2014)
-Rocco Tamburlini (since 2014)

Jolly Roger Official Facebook Fan Page: Jolly Roger Team
Jolly Roger Official Youtube Channel: Jolly Roger
Dueling Network: you can duel with Jolly Roger members by looking for jr- nicknames on Dueling Network
Jolly Roger Forum Jolly Roger (forumcommunity)
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