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lunedì 16 dicembre 2013

By: Yugioh TcgZone

Yu-gi-oh! ArcV and new RED Monsters!

Yu-gi-oh! ArcV and new RED Monsters!

Yugioh Arc V introduces " Superior Cards! ". These are red plated cards that unlike Synchros and Exceeds, Superior Cards has nothing to do with monster's levels. Superior Cards are just like the Burst Mode in Digimon or Mega Evolution in Pokemon XY. These cards has no levels nor ranks but gets an additional power ups! This Power Up is what we are going to call " Enhanced Ability " that is written in replace of the card's lores/effects. In short, it changes the monster's effect!
• How does Superior Cards looks like?

>> Superior Cards are red plated cards that are going to place in our Extra deck zone. They are the Mega Evolution of our monsters. However, only selected monsters receieved Superior Form as of now. The Artwork in a Superior Card covers the entire body/border of the card. Yeah, pretty much like Pokemon Ex Card huh? Thats not all, Monsters in Superior Form all received an additonal 1000 points in their Attacks and Deffense stats.
• Can all type of monsters receive a Superior Form?
>> Yes, wether its a normals, effects, fusions, synchros, rituals or exceeds/xyz can undergo superior change. It depends if those monsters have an available Superior Form.
• How can we play the Superior Cards?
>> It is just very simple, you just put the Superior Card on top of your monster. Let say, you have a Dark Magician and you have a Superior Dark Magician in your Extra deck, you simply put the Superior Dark Magician on top of your regular Dark Magician. SuperiOr Change is NOT treated as "summoning". Hence, your opponent cannot negate your monster while undergoing in Superior Change.

La serie Yugioh Arc V introduce le Superior Cards! In pratica saranno come delle Mega Evoluzioni dei mostri. Si metteranno nell'extra e quando avrai il mostro apposito in campo potrai metterci sopra la sua 'evoluzione' che ne cambierà l'effetto e non sarà considerata come un'evocazione!
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