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giovedì 14 novembre 2013

By: Shining Star

Evilswarm by Christian Munoz - Top 4 WCQ Regional Qualifier Ecuador 10th November 2013

Evilswarm by  Christian Munoz - Top 4 WCQ Regional Qualifier Ecuador 10th November 2013

Christian Munoz  reached Top 4 at  WCQ Regional Qualifier Ecuador thanks to his   Evilswarm.

Top 4 Christian Munoz - Evilswarms

Main Deck:
3xEvilswarm Heliotrope
1xDark Armed Dragon
3xEvilswarm Castor
3xEvilswarm Kerykeion
3xEvilswarm Mandragora
1xEvilswarm O'Lantern
3xEvilswarm Thunderbird
1xRescue Rabbit

1xDark Hole
2xForbidden Dress
3xInfestation Pandemic
3xMystical Space Typhoon
1xBook of Moon
1xReinforcement of the Army
1xUpstart Goblin

1xBottomless Trap Hole
1xCompulsory Evacuation Device
1xInfestation Infection
2xMirror Force
2xSafe Zone
1xSolemn Warning
1xTorrential Tribute
1xVanity's Emptiness

Side Deck:
2xD.D. Crow
1xElectric Virus
2xBlack Horn of Heaven
1xDust Tornado
2xImperial Iron Wall
1xSoul Drain
1xTrap Stun
1xVanity's Emptiness

Extra Deck
1xAbyss Dweller
1xDiamond Dire Wolf
2xEvilswarm Bahamut
1xEvilswarm Nightmare
3xEvilswarm Ophion
1xEvilswarm Thanatos
1xGagaga Cowboy
1xGem-Knight Pearl
2xMaestroke The Symphony Djinn
1xNumber 66 Master Key Beetle
1xNumber 85 Crazy Box

This is the deck he played, if you want to ask something about it you can leave a comment.

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