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venerdì 1 novembre 2013

By: Shining Star

Duelist League 17 Card Spoiler

Duelist League 17 Card Spoiler

Duelist League is the perfect place for young or new players to find fun and exciting Duels. Duelist League is primarily aimed at beginning Duelists as a means of introducing them to official tournaments. To make sure that Duelist League isn't dominated by the more competitive Duelists, older and more experienced Duelists can par-ticipate, but everyone who wins three Duelist League events will not be able to compete in any further Duelist League events (they can of course still participate in other regular tournaments!) - with the exception of Duelists born 2001 or later, who can participate in Duelist League events as often as they like.

Duelist League is run like a regular Swiss-style tournament, best-of-three matches with Advanced Constructed Decks. After the appropriate amount of rounds, a winner will be chosen. The winner of a Duelist League tour-nament will receive two Duelist League prize cards of his or her choice from the available selection. Each other participant will receive one Duelist League prize card of his or her choice from the available selection.

Duelist League is a great entry-level experience for introducing new Duelists to Organized Play. More experienced Duelists will also have fun collecting all the prize cards that are exclusive to Duelist League!

Duelist League 17 contains cards perfect for the beginning Duelist and has great synergy with some of the upcoming product line. Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8 will play well with Starter Deck- Kaiba Reloaded when combined with Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV4 & LV6 from this Starter, while Silent Swordsman LV7 was in-cluded to create synergy with Silent Swordsman LV3 & LV5 included in Starter Deck- Yugi Reloaded. In addition, with all of the Zombie-Type monsters in Shadow Specters, releasing 11/8, Mezuki, Book of Life, and Call of the Mummy are great additions to anyone who wants to build a Zombie Deck!

Release: 9th December 2013
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