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giovedì 10 ottobre 2013

By: Shining Star

Collezione Leggendaria 4 Mondo di Joey Lista carte completa - Legendary Collection 4 Megapack spoiler

Collezione Leggendaria 4 Mondo di Joey

Legendary Collection 4 Card List Lista carte

Collezione Leggendaria 4 Mondo di Joey Lista carte completa - Legendary Collection 4 spoiler

Il Mega Pack Legendary Collection 4 contiene all'incirca 300 carte usate da Joey, Mai, Marik e Rex Raptor, oltre a molte altre carte popolari dell'era classica. Questo Mega Pack è strutturato in modo che carte foil siano più facili da collezionare.
Release: 11th October 2013

LC04-EN001 Blue Flame Swordsman
FIRE/Warrior - Effect/4/1800/1600
Once per turn, during either player's Battle Phase: You can target 1 other Warrior-Type monster you control: this card loses exactly 600 ATK, and if it does, that monster gains 600 ATK. When this card you control is destroyed by your opponent's card (either by battle or card effect) and sent to your Graveyard: You can banish this card from your Graveyard, then target 1 FIRE Warrior-Type monster in your Graveyard: Special Summon that target.
LC04-EN001 Blue Flame Swordsman

LC04-EN002 Harpie Lady's Phoenix Formation
Normal Spell Card
If you control 3 or more "Harpie Lady" and/or "Harpie Lady Sisters": Target as many monsters your opponent controls as possible, up to the total number of "Harpie Lady" and "Harpie Lady Sisters" you control; destroy those targets, and if you do, inflict damage to your opponent equal to the highest original ATK among those destroyed monsters. You cannot Special Summon monsters from the Main Deck or conduct your Battle Phase the turn you activate this card.
LC04-EN002 Harpie Lady's Phoenix Formation

LC04-EN003 Card of Last Will
Normal Trap Card
If the ATK of a monsters(s) you control becomes 0 by a card effect: Draw until you have 5 cards in your hand.
LC04-EN003 Card of Last Will

LCJW-EN013 Meotoko

LCJW-EN014 Kageningen

LCJW-EN015 Stone Armadiller

LCJW-EN016 Anthrosaurus

LCJW-EN017 Skull Stalker

LCJW-EN018 Wolf

LCJW-EN019 Hero of the East

LCJW-EN097 Harpie Dancer
WIND/Winged Beast - Effect/4/1200/1000
You can target 1 WIND monster you control; return it to the hand, then you can Normal Summon 1 WIND monster. You can only use this effect of "Harpie Dancer" once per turn. This card's name becomes "Harpie Lady" while its on the field or in the Graveyard.

LCJW-EN144 Tomozaurus

LCJW-EN145 Little D

LCJW-EN146 Sword Arm of Dragon

LCJW-EN147 Megazowler

LCJW-EN159 Bracchio-Raidus
WATER/Dinosaur - Fusion/6/2200/2000
"Two-Headed King Rex" + "Crawling Dragon #2"

LCJW-EN174 Ancient Tool

LCJW-EN175 Giganto

LCJW-EN176 Sword Slasher

LCJW-EN185 The Snake Hair

LCJW-EN210 Great Mammoth of Goldfine
FINSTERNIS/Zombie - Fusion/6/2200/1800
"The Snake Hair"+ "Zombie Dragon"

LCJW-EN222 Monster Tamer

LCJW-EN273 Sixth Sense
Normal Trap Card
Declare 2 numbers from 1 to 6, then your opponent rolls a six-sided die, and if the result is one of the numbers you declared, you draw that many cards. Otherwise, send a number of cards from the top of your Deck to the Graveyard equal to the result.

LCJW-EN001 Flame Manipulator
LCJW-EN002 Masaki the Legendary Swordsman
LCJW-EN003 Red-Eyes B. Dragon Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN004 Rude Kaiser
LCJW-EN005 Rock Ogre Grotto #1
LCJW-EN006 Baby Dragon Super Rare
LCJW-EN007 Axe Raider
LCJW-EN008 Tiger Axe
LCJW-EN009 Garoozis
LCJW-EN010 Swordsman of Landstar
LCJW-EN011 Cyber-Tech Alligator
LCJW-EN012 Alligator's Sword
LCJW-EN013 Meotoko
LCJW-EN014 Kageningen
LCJW-EN015 Stone Armadiller
LCJW-EN016 Anthrosaurus
LCJW-EN017 Skull Stalker
LCJW-EN018 Wolf
LCJW-EN019 Hero of the East
LCJW-EN020 Swamp Battleguard
LCJW-EN021 Time Wizard
LCJW-EN022 Lava Battleguard
LCJW-EN023 Jinzo Rare
LCJW-EN024 The Legendary Fisherman
LCJW-EN025 Sword Hunter
LCJW-EN026 Hayabusa Knight
LCJW-EN027 Mad Sword Beast
LCJW-EN028 Goblin Attack Force
LCJW-EN029 The Fiend Megacyber
LCJW-EN030 Gearfried the Iron Knight
LCJW-EN031 Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon
LCJW-EN032 Marauding Captain
LCJW-EN033 Fiber Jar
LCJW-EN034 Sasuke Samurai
LCJW-EN035 Neko Mane King
LCJW-EN036 Little-Winguard
LCJW-EN037 Insect Queen
LCJW-EN038 Red-Eyes B. Chick Super Rare
LCJW-EN039 Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon
LCJW-EN040 Gearfried the Swordmaster
LCJW-EN041 Gilford the Lightning
LCJW-EN042 Rocket Warrior
LCJW-EN043 Panther Warrior
LCJW-EN044 Gilford the Legend
LCJW-EN045 Copycat
LCJW-EN046 Divine Knight Ishzark
LCJW-EN047 Maximum Six
LCJW-EN048 Comrade Swordsman of Landstar
LCJW-EN049 Red-Eyes Wyvern
LCJW-EN050 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon Secret Rare
LCJW-EN051 Phoenix Gearfried
LCJW-EN052 Lightray Gearfried
LCJW-EN053 Flame Swordsman
LCJW-EN054 B. Skull Dragon Rare
LCJW-EN055 Thousand Dragon
LCJW-EN056 Alligator's Sword Dragon
LCJW-EN057 Raigeki Secret Rare
LCJW-EN058 Hinotama
LCJW-EN059 Polymerization Super Rare
LCJW-EN060 Monster Reborn Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN061 Pot of Greed Secret Rare
LCJW-EN062 Salamandra
LCJW-EN063 Giant Trunade
LCJW-EN064 Premature Burial
LCJW-EN065 Graceful Dice
LCJW-EN066 Scapegoat Secret Rare
LCJW-EN067 The Warrior Returning Alive
LCJW-EN068 Meteor of Destruction
LCJW-EN069 Release Restraint
LCJW-EN070 Foolish Burial Secret Rare
LCJW-EN071 Silent Doom Super Rare
LCJW-EN072 Dangerous Machine Type-6
LCJW-EN073 Trap Hole
LCJW-EN074 Skull Dice
LCJW-EN075 Metalmorph
LCJW-EN076 Fairy Box
LCJW-EN077 Collected Power
LCJW-EN078 Bottomless Trap Hole Secret Rare
LCJW-EN079 Drop Off
LCJW-EN080 Magical Arm Shield
LCJW-EN081 Kunai with Chain
LCJW-EN082 Harpie Lady Super Rare
LCJW-EN083 Harpie Girl
LCJW-EN084 Dunames Dark Witch Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN085 Harpie Lady Sisters
LCJW-EN086 Harpie's Pet Dragon Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN087 Amazoness Paladin Super Rare
LCJW-EN088 Amazoness Fighter
LCJW-EN089 Amazoness Tiger Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN090 Harpie 1 Super Rare
LCJW-EN091 Harpie 2 Super Rare
LCJW-EN092 Harpie 3 Super Rare
LCJW-EN093 Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon
LCJW-EN094 Harpie Queen Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN095 Amazoness Scouts
LCJW-EN096 Cyber Harpie Lady
LCJW-EN097 Harpie Dancer Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN098 Elegant Egotist Super Rare
LCJW-EN099 Harpie's Feather Duster Secret Rare
LCJW-EN100 Amazoness Spellcaster
LCJW-EN101 Spell Reproduction
LCJW-EN102 Harpies' Hunting Ground Super Rare
LCJW-EN103 Triangle Ecstasy Spark
LCJW-EN104 Amazoness Village
LCJW-EN105 Cyber Shield
LCJW-EN106 Fairy's Hand Mirror
LCJW-EN107 Mirror Wall
LCJW-EN108 Gravity Bind
LCJW-EN109 Shadow of Eyes
LCJW-EN110 Gryphon Wing
LCJW-EN111 Trap Jammer Secret Rare
LCJW-EN112 Hysteric Party Super Rare
LCJW-EN113 Revival Jam
LCJW-EN114 Dark Jeroid
LCJW-EN115 Newdoria
LCJW-EN116 Helpoemer
LCJW-EN117 Lava Golem Rare
LCJW-EN118 Drillago
LCJW-EN119 Lekunga
LCJW-EN120 Lord Poison
LCJW-EN121 Makyura the Destructor
LCJW-EN122 Legendary Fiend
LCJW-EN123 Black Pendant
LCJW-EN124 Jam Breeding Machine
LCJW-EN125 Vengeful Bog Spirit
LCJW-EN126 Card of Sanctity
LCJW-EN127 Magical Stone Excavation
LCJW-EN128 Spell of Pain
LCJW-EN129 Magic Jammer
LCJW-EN130 Mirror Force Secret Rare
LCJW-EN131 Jam Defender
LCJW-EN132 Coffin Seller
LCJW-EN133 Rope of Life
LCJW-EN134 Nightmare Wheel
LCJW-EN135 Judgment of Anubis
LCJW-EN136 Malevolent Catastrophe
LCJW-EN137 Relieve Monster
LCJW-EN138 Metal Reflect Slime
LCJW-EN139 Serpent Night Dragon
LCJW-EN140 Two-Headed King Rex
LCJW-EN141 Crawling Dragon
LCJW-EN142 Kabazauls Secret Rare
LCJW-EN143 Sabersaurus Secret Rare
LCJW-EN144 Tomozaurus
LCJW-EN145 Little D
LCJW-EN146 Sword Arm of Dragon
LCJW-EN147 Megazowler
LCJW-EN148 Gilasaurus
LCJW-EN149 Tyrant Dragon
LCJW-EN150 Dark Driceratops
LCJW-EN151 Hyper Hammerhead
LCJW-EN152 Black Tyranno
LCJW-EN153 Tyranno Infinity
LCJW-EN154 Black Ptera
LCJW-EN155 Black Stego
LCJW-EN156 Miracle Jurassic Egg
LCJW-EN157 Babycerasaurus
LCJW-EN158 Destroyersaurus Secret Rare
LCJW-EN159 Bracchio-Raidus
LCJW-EN160 Ultra Evolution Pill
LCJW-EN161 Big Evolution Pill
LCJW-EN162 Tail Swipe
LCJW-EN163 Jurassic World
LCJW-EN164 Fossil Dig
LCJW-EN165 Fossil Excavation
LCJW-EN166 Hunting Instinct
LCJW-EN167 Survival Instinct
LCJW-EN168 Volcanic Eruption
LCJW-EN169 Seismic Shockwave
LCJW-EN170 Seiyaryu
LCJW-EN171 Launcher Spider
LCJW-EN172 Slot Machine
LCJW-EN173 Zoa
LCJW-EN174 Ancient Tool
LCJW-EN175 Giganto
LCJW-EN176 Sword Slasher
LCJW-EN177 Barrel Dragon
LCJW-EN178 Metalzoa
LCJW-EN179 Machine King
LCJW-EN180 Blast Sphere
LCJW-EN181 Fiendish Engine Ω
LCJW-EN182 Solemn Judgment Secret Rare
LCJW-EN183 Dragon Zombie
LCJW-EN184 Armored Zombie
LCJW-EN185 The Snake Hair
LCJW-EN186 Red-Moon Baby
LCJW-EN187 Patrician of Darkness
LCJW-EN188 Dark Dust Spirit
LCJW-EN189 Pyramid Turtle Super Rare
LCJW-EN190 Spirit Reaper Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN191 Vampire Lord
LCJW-EN192 Despair from the Dark
LCJW-EN193 Fear from the Dark
LCJW-EN194 Ryu Kokki
LCJW-EN195 Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower
LCJW-EN196 Vampire Lady
LCJW-EN197 Regenerating Mummy
LCJW-EN198 Vampire Genesis
LCJW-EN199 Reborn Zombie
LCJW-EN200 Plague Wolf
LCJW-EN201 Return Zombie
LCJW-EN202 Zombie Master
LCJW-EN203 Il Blud
LCJW-EN204 Vampire's Curse
LCJW-EN205 Goblin Zombie
LCJW-EN206 Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon Rare
LCJW-EN207 Malevolent Mech - Goku En
LCJW-EN208 Paladin of the Cursed Dragon
LCJW-EN209 Skull Conductor
LCJW-EN210 Great Mammoth of Goldfine
LCJW-EN211 Book of Life Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN212 Call of the Mummy Super Rare
LCJW-EN213 Zombie World Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN214 Everliving Underworld Cannon
LCJW-EN215 Pyramid of Wonders
LCJW-EN216 Overpowering Eye
LCJW-EN217 Call of the Haunted Super Rare
LCJW-EN218 Tutan Mask
LCJW-EN219 Trap of the Imperial Tomb
LCJW-EN220 Labyrinth Wall
LCJW-EN222 Monster Tamer
LCJW-EN223 Gate Guardian
LCJW-EN224 Sanga of the Thunder
LCJW-EN225 Kazejin
LCJW-EN226 Suijin
LCJW-EN227 Jirai Gumo
LCJW-EN228 Shadow Ghoul
LCJW-EN229 Wall Shadow
LCJW-EN230 Labyrinth Tank
LCJW-EN231 Magical Labyrinth
LCJW-EN232 Fairy Meteor Crush
LCJW-EN233 Tribute Doll
LCJW-EN234 Riryoku
LCJW-EN235 Summoned Skull Rare
LCJW-EN236 Beast of Talwar Rare
LCJW-EN237 Toon Summoned Skull Rare
LCJW-EN238 Lesser Fiend Rare
LCJW-EN239 Shadow Tamer Rare
LCJW-EN240 Fiend Skull Dragon Rare
LCJW-EN241 A Deal with Dark Ruler Rare
LCJW-EN242 Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN243 Broww, Huntsman of Dark World Secret Rare
LCJW-EN244 Brron, Mad King of Dark World Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN245 Sillva, Warlord of Dark World Secret Rare
LCJW-EN246 Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World Secret Rare
LCJW-EN247 Scarr, Scout of Dark World
LCJW-EN248 Snoww, Unlight of Dark World Secret Rare
LCJW-EN249 Dark World Lightning Secret Rare
LCJW-EN250 Gateway to Dark World Secret Rare
LCJW-EN251 Dark World Dealings Super Rare
LCJW-EN252 Dark World Grimoire
LCJW-EN253 The Gates of Dark World Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN254 The Forces of Darkness
LCJW-EN255 Gravekeeper's Spy Secret Rare
LCJW-EN256 Gravekeeper's Curse
LCJW-EN257 Gravekeeper's Vassal
LCJW-EN258 Gravekeeper's Priestess Rare
LCJW-EN259 Gravekeeper's Visionary Rare
LCJW-EN260 Necrovalley
LCJW-EN261 Gravekeeper's Stele Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN262 Dice Jar
LCJW-EN263 Roulette Barrel
LCJW-EN264 Blowback Dragon
LCJW-EN265 Snipe Hunter
LCJW-EN266 Twin-Barrel Dragon
LCJW-EN267 Gatling Dragon
LCJW-EN268 Second Coin Toss
LCJW-EN269 Blind Destruction
LCJW-EN270 Needle Wall
LCJW-EN271 Dice Re-Roll
LCJW-EN272 Dice Try!
LCJW-EN273 Sixth Sense
LCJW-EN274 Adhesion Trap Hole
LCJW-EN275 D.D. Trap Hole
LCJW-EN276 Giant Trap Hole
LCJW-EN277 Treacherous Trap Hole
LCJW-EN278 Chaos Trap Hole
LCJW-EN279 Cave Dragon
LCJW-EN280 Injection Fairy Lily
LCJW-EN281 Berserk Dragon
LCJW-EN282 Strike Ninja
LCJW-EN283 Dark Hole Secret Rare
LCJW-EN284 Heavy Storm Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN285 Mystical Space Typhoon Secret Rare
LCJW-EN286 Reinforcement of the Army Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN287 Super Rejuvenation Super Rare
LCJW-EN288 Book of Moon Secret Rare
LCJW-EN289 Stray Lambs Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN290 Pot of Avarice Secret Rare
LCJW-EN291 Trade-In Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN292 Horn of Heaven Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN293 Chain Destruction Rare
LCJW-EN294 Torrential Tribute Secret Rare
LCJW-EN295 Compulsory Evacuation Device Secret Rare
LCJW-EN296 Spirit Barrier
LCJW-EN297 Black Horn of Heaven Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN298 Imperial Iron Wall Ultra Rare
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