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sabato 1 marzo 2014

By: Yugioh TcgZone

Interview to Benjamin Lin - Top 16 YCS Berlin 204

Interview to Benjamin Lin - Top 16 YCS Berlin 204

Interview by JokerMuoll 

JokerMuoll: Hello Benjamin where are you from?

Benjamin: Berilin, YCS right beside my place!

JokerMuoll: So it was easy for you to play this YCS, have you already attended other big event?

Benjamin: Only nationals and YCS in Germany and the european championsship in  Frankfurt, as it was in Germany too so in total thats the second ycs Bochum, ycs Leipzig, ycs Berlin, nats and frankfurt

JokerMuoll: great: D, YCS in berlin what did you decide to play?

Benjamin:  i played infernities because in my opinion it is the best deck right now and because ist cheap apart from exciton Knight and ark

JokerMuoll:  can you make a mini-report of day 1 and 2?
Benjamin:  day one i went 8-0 and played many mermails but my matchup against every deck is pretty good, because infernities are incredibly good, day 2 i played against anthony tutu and lost against him unlucky, game 3 i started perfect wth 2 barriers, break, dweller, necromancer, archfiend and lavalval chain in his turn he set 4 and i activated break on a set card in my draw phase he has sphere+torrential which was game

 Benjamin: in top top 32 i played against merlin whom i lost against in swiss, i was lucky to top a necromancer in mid game of game 3 which won me the game but merlin is a very experienced Player and i guess he deserved it more than i did, but i was lucky

JokerMuoll:  top 16 you play vs luigi alici, right?

 Benjamin: yeah, i lost game one in a very tight match,im not too sure, but i think that at some Point i made a misplay because i thought i didnt have an archfiend in my deck anymore guess it wasnt really my day, Overall i played much better on day 1 but im convinced that my deck was the best there is, but on day 2 i wasnt the ideal Player to Pilot it to the finals

JokerMuoll: can you show your decklist?

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